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Cloud Data Engine (CDE) stands at the forefront of digital transformation grounded in Gaia-X standards. As data management and cloud solution specialists, we offer tailored services to address the unique challenges faced by providers, conformity assessment bodies, DataSpace member enterprises, and federations. From guiding through certification processes to optimized management in Gaia-X based catalogs, CDE is the driving force propelling your business into the digital future.

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For Solutions for Providers

Cloud Service Providers (CSP) and business solution providers face multifaceted challenges. CDE steps in with unparalleled guidance for Gaia-X integration, custom-tailored catalog presence, and enhanced trust chain management.

For Conformity Assessment Bodies

CDE is revolutionizing the way conformity assessment bodies engage with CSPs. We facilitate direct access to CSPs requiring new certifications while offering Gaia-X compatible certifications, removing barriers and maximizing opportunities.

For DataSpace Members

Amid challenges of certificate management and standards adherence, CDE stands as a guiding beacon for each member. Our distinct service offers deep-dive analysis to maximize procurement benefits, specialized training, and vigilant oversight ensuring trustworthy CSP offers.

For Federations

CDE positions itself as an essential partner for federations. Whether it's initial assessment grounded in Gaia-X principles or catalog deployment, CDE ensures alignment with Gaia-X standards every step of the way.

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Dive into innovation with Cloud Data Engine, where state-of-the-art data management catalyzes digital transformation. We are on the lookout for partners who are passionate about crafting solutions that are at the forefront of technology and market demands. With our deep expertise in cloud solutions and certificate digitalization, we create an ecosystem where security, interoperability, and trust are the keystones. Join us to revolutionize the digital arena and deliver unmatched value to your organization.