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Cloud Data Engine (CDE) Joins Systematic Competitiveness Cluster

•Cloud Data Engine (CDE), led by CEO Alban Schmutz, formerly of OVHcloud, has officially become a member of the Systematic competitiveness cluster, underscoring the pivotal role of both entities in driving digital innovation. Schmutz's leadership ethos at CDE emphasizes collaboration and innovation.

CDE specializes in digital compliance chain management, offering tailored services to stakeholders. With a seasoned team of co-founders, including Pierre Gronlier, Jules-Henri Gavetti and Olivier Tirat all seasoned veterans in the tech industry with extensive experience, CDE brings significant expertise to Systematic.

The decision to join Systematic underscores CDE's strategic aim to leverage the cluster's network and visibility in the Deep Tech landscape. In return, CDE's expertise enriches Systematic's ecosystem, particularly in digital infrastructure and cybersecurity.

Schmutz expresses enthusiasm for reconnecting with familiar faces and forging new alliances within Systematic. This collaboration promises mutual growth and success within the Systematic community.

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