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Cloud Data Engine (CDE) selected by IMT Starter

IMT Starter, a renowned incubator known for nurturing innovative startups, recently handpicked Cloud Data Engine to join its prestigious coaching program. This choice underscores Cloud Data Engine's exceptional quality and potential to make significant strides in the information technology sector.

Leveraging IMT Starter's impressive track record of success (with over 220 startups and a 70% survival rate), Cloud Data Engine's selection aligns seamlessly with the incubator's history of fostering thriving companies.

Cloud Data Engine distinguishes itself with its unique strengths, which caught the attention of IMT Starter. As a pioneer in certification automation, Cloud Data Engine offers groundbreaking and scalable solutions that maximize the business impact of substantial compliance investments by providers. It addresses regulatory requirements for Environmental and Social reporting, Cybersecurity, Cloud, and AI regulations more effectively.

Joining IMT Starter's coaching program grants Cloud Data Engine exclusive access to a vibrant ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors, and experts, facilitating synergies and growth prospects. This partnership is poised to be mutually beneficial, highlighting IMT Starter's dedication to nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship in the information technology sector.

In essence, Cloud Data Engine's selection by IMT Starter exemplifies a shared vision and commitment to advancing innovation and entrepreneurial excellence. This strategic collaboration not only unlocks exciting prospects for Cloud Data Engine but also elevates IMT Starter's standing as a pivotal player in the entrepreneurial landscape.